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Let’s talk plastic

Hey all

So I know I was meant to be giving you the top 5 products to buy for potty training and I will but I have been distracted by the #waronplastic program on BBC1 last night.

I mean oh my goodness.  There I was thinking we were doing a great thing by recycling when I had no idea where all the recycled stuff was going and that actually lots of it was not actually being recycled.  Its just madness.

I have always just thought, well what difference can I make?  I am one person in a huge world BUT after watching this program I am now convinced that if everyone in the UK were to do their bit we really could make a difference.

Yes, the supermarkets/government, etc need to do more, of course, they do but the reality is they will not change things any time soon.  Let’s face it there are people making big money from selling all this plastic waste.

So it got me thinking, I was shocked at how much it costs to buy loose fruit and veg from the supermarket and I totally understand that given the choice most families in the UK will choose the least expensive option, including me because quite frankly we just cannot afford it.  However, I do think we can all look a little harder and even just make one change? You do not need to change everything all at once.  That would just be crazy.

So without really thinking this through haha me and the hubby woke up this morning and decided to try and make our family as plastic free as possible.  I have a feeling it is going to be harder than it sounds though.  I did read somewhere though that we should be proud and happy with what we are doing and not beat ourselves up about what we are not. So, therefore, we will celebrate the wins where we get rid of plastic but we will be realistic at the same time as we are a super busy family of 5 and well going totally plastic-free seems like a very hard task.

So as I go through this crazy journey of plastic free I will blog about it and post pics on Instagram.  I am going to be totally honest right now and say that we will make mistakes and we will discover things we had no idea about but that’s the fun of it, right?

So I will see you all soon with our first installment of going plastic free.  We are starting with milk!

see you soon x

sam xx

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poo … that is all!!!

Poo. Everything is about poo in our house this week. Or this month I should say, or what feels like forever (please, please let my child poo in the toilet soon).

My 2.5 year old is potty training.  That dreaded time when you realise there could, and probably will be, wee everywhere and poo in places there shouldn’t be.  Please don’t judge me.  If you have kids you may know what I mean.  You might have been lucky and your kid might just have magically potty trained overnight.  But not mine.

Don’t get me wrong, the weeing situation happened pretty quickly.  I have the most awesome childminder and she started the potty training and Toby got it pretty quickly to be fair.  Yeah, we had a few accidents but mostly it was all good.  But then came the poo.

Oh my, we have had tears, we have had poo in his pants, in his PJs, in the pop-up tent thing that they love so much.  The funniest by far though was when he decided to sit next to his big sister and have a wee and then a poo right next to her.  Needless to say, she was not impressed.  I, however, thought it was bloody hilarious! Don’t worry I know what your thinking… the sofa is leather (easy wiped).

I never realised a child could be so scared of having a number 2.  I mean, it’s totally natural, right?  My daughter (eldest child) seemed to be fine, just done the deed in the potty, accepted it and moved on, but Toby… he seems to think the world’s gonna end, bless him.

Oh, and while I am ranting about poo someone please send me or direct me to where I can get lots and lots and lots of really good air fresheners.  I mean seriously I live in a house of boys/men. Eevey and I are totally outnumbered.  The bathroom smells from the hubby, the boy’s room smells from the baby and well, it smells where ever Toby has decided to do his latest poo haha.  Send help, please!!

To all new and expectant parents.  Good luck!!

Oh and trust me when I say this, you can read all the books you want on how to potty train your child in a day/week/month.  It’s rubbish. They will do it when they are good and ready and not before!

chat to you all soon

sam xxx

next blog- shopping list for potty training!!

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Sitting on the toilet

Just a quick post tonight.

Hands up who goes to the toilet and then totally sit there an extra 5 mins than you need to to get some peace and quiet?

You don’t? Really…now come on tell the truth because I am not ashamed to admit I totally do.

I think it started when I became a mum, now when I had Eevey I totally couldn’t do this because most of the time I was on my own.  So obviously I am not going to leave her on her own and quite frankly there was a really long time when I lived in a flat where she would just follow me everywhere.  The flat part is important as well my boys cant climb the stairs yet as we live in a house now (thank the lord) so I can still pee in peace.

But since having Toby and now Zak I freely admit that I absolutely grab my phone before going to the loo and then I sit there and catch up on Facebook, often answer business messages (sorry guys but yes some of my replies come from our bathroom) and play a game on my phone that I am a tiny bit addicted too.  As I write this though I realize until now my hubby must have thought I have an awful lot of number twos as I spend so much time in the loo.  Now he’s gonna know my guilty secret. Oops, I’m not sure whats worse!

Its so bad isn’t it, the lengths you go as a parent to just get 5 mins to yourself to breath, think, sleep (trust me iv been tempted) but I can almost guarantee you are reading this now thinking ‘yup I have done that’ or even better ‘yup I am totally reading this blog on the loo’. If you are, well thank you for using your precious 5 mins to catch up with me 🙂

So come on where else do you guys grab 5 mins to yourself? Do you also do as I do?

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Commercial tat or a lovely thought?

HAPPY FATHERS DAY  to all you fabulous dads whether you are a dad, stepdad, mum who is doing a job of a dad or just a really awesome man being there for someone. x

My question to you today though is this… Do you really want all the commercialized tat that the supermarkets try to make us buy?

When I was little I remember buying my dad such tat.  I was convinced he would love a teddy or yet another ‘best dad’ mug but now I am a mum who has to buy this tat for my husband from my kids, I question whether my dad ever really wanted it haha.  I think he may have just been being polite.


Don’t get me wrong, I have totally bought my lovely husband this is the past.  He has various cups and a key ring or two.  This year though as I walked through the dreaded isles of the supermarket, full of commercial rubbish calling out to me I decided against it and bought him stuff he might actually want.  My 9 year old choose something herself for her stepdad as she is old enough now to choose.  I must say she choose wisely and asked me to buy him some beer which safe to say Nick was very happy with.  Then I choose a few bits from the boys.  Really I just think it’s a good opportunity to get him something he might have wanted for a while and hasn’t bought through parent guilt.  We all have it, that feeling when you go to spend some money on yourself and then stop and think hmmm the kids might need shoes, clothes, a haircut or some other crap you pay for as parents. So you don’t bother. Mind I think the hubby would be glad just to have some time to trim his beard.  He is starting to look like a homeless man but ssshhh don’t tell him that 🙂

I mean, after all, he totally deserves a treat for all he does for our kids.  The endless nights sat on our son’s floor while he totally doesn’t sleep.  The wee that seems to cover him everytime he changes the babies nappy haha.  The stream of sick he cleaned up the night Eevey decided she wanted to discover what projectile vomiting was.  But more than that he is selfless. I can hear you now saying so he should be, he chooses to have children. But trust me I know many people that tell me all the time how much their other halves don’t do but I can honestly say mine does.  He even puts up with me going a little crazy at him.

So I am putting 2 fingers up at all the shops that try to sell me such tat and instead I am giving my children’s dad the things he might want.

Mind you I am not sure Toby was too pleased about this today.  I gave him the prezzie to give to Nick and he sort of looked at me as if to say ‘oi wheres mine’ haha and true to character he has proceeded to just be a right grumpy little so and so all day.

Wish us luck though, I have no idea why we are doing this but we are ordering a takeaway tonight, last time we have done this it was cold before we had a chance to eat.  I am absolutely convinced Zak has a 6th sense and just wakes up the minute hot food is on the table.  Devil child I tell you, devil child.


8 weeks in and well they are still alive

Wow, so we are 8 weeks into our beautiful newborn’s life.  But oh my goodness had I forgotten how tiring it is.  So I have 3 kids now, a 9-year-old, 22-month-old and then an 8-week old baby.

Have them close together I told myself, it will be great. YEAH RIGHT HAHA so I am sure it will get better or so everyone keeps telling me.  But all these beautiful photos on my Instagram of these gorgeous new babies and their parent’s fabulous lives.  Its LIES I tell you.  ALL LIES!!

Yes the babies are adorable and you want to document and remember everything but is it just me or do these people have far too much time on their hands.  I mean I don’t have time to shower let alone pose my newborn in an adorable position and put some dodgy card next to him stating how old he is or when he has done his first god damn poo. (okay so maybe they don’t say that but you get what I mean)

The only reason I am able to sit and write this is that we seriously got lucky tonight.  Toby my 22-month-old has been a nightmare to get to bed but tonight, mostly because he hasn’t napped and is totally shattered went straight to sleep.  Which is a total change from last night when we sat up for 3, yes 3 hours with him screaming?  Oh, and let’s not forget the sick too.  It’s a new thing.  He now makes himself sick so he doesn’t have to sleep. :/ I know right.  Surely we can’t be the only parents experiencing this?   But anyway my point is I had to make the decision to sleep or to write this tonight.  I also could have showered but well…

So I figure right now me and the hubby are winning as all three children are alive still so that’s a tick in my book.  I may look like I could do with a years holiday, my house has seen better days and my emails are definitely starting to stack up but even after the sick, lack of sleep and not being able to eat a hot meal for weeks, we are all smiling.  Well ok almost smiling.  Don’t get me wrong its lovely that these parents have time to post gorgeous pics but I am just here to tell all you expecting parents that it’s not all hearts and flowers.  If you have managed to get up, eat something not killed the baby and got dressed then in my opinion you are totally winning at life right now!!  If you are reading this as a new mum and have done all of the above then you are bloody awesome.  Just remember that.

And  I will just leave you with one of my daily mess-ups haha as I am about to post this we get a knock at the door.  It’s my lovely neighbor giving me my house keys. OH YES, I totally left them in the door so anyone can just walk in my house! Tomorrow is a new day right.

Meanwhile, my awesome husband has been busy baking Banana muffins for the school fair. yum!!!