Sitting on the toilet

Just a quick post tonight.

Hands up who goes to the toilet and then totally sit there an extra 5 mins than you need to to get some peace and quiet?

You don’t? Really…now come on tell the truth because I am not ashamed to admit I totally do.

I think it started when I became a mum, now when I had Eevey I totally couldn’t do this because most of the time I was on my own.  So obviously I am not going to leave her on her own and quite frankly there was a really long time when I lived in a flat where she would just follow me everywhere.  The flat part is important as well my boys cant climb the stairs yet as we live in a house now (thank the lord) so I can still pee in peace.

But since having Toby and now Zak I freely admit that I absolutely grab my phone before going to the loo and then I sit there and catch up on Facebook, often answer business messages (sorry guys but yes some of my replies come from our bathroom) and play a game on my phone that I am a tiny bit addicted too.  As I write this though I realize until now my hubby must have thought I have an awful lot of number twos as I spend so much time in the loo.  Now he’s gonna know my guilty secret. Oops, I’m not sure whats worse!

Its so bad isn’t it, the lengths you go as a parent to just get 5 mins to yourself to breath, think, sleep (trust me iv been tempted) but I can almost guarantee you are reading this now thinking ‘yup I have done that’ or even better ‘yup I am totally reading this blog on the loo’. If you are, well thank you for using your precious 5 mins to catch up with me 🙂

So come on where else do you guys grab 5 mins to yourself? Do you also do as I do?

Photo by Hafidz Alifuddin on Pexels.com






8 weeks in and well they are still alive

Wow, so we are 8 weeks into our beautiful newborn’s life.  But oh my goodness had I forgotten how tiring it is.  So I have 3 kids now, a 9-year-old, 22-month-old and then an 8-week old baby.

Have them close together I told myself, it will be great. YEAH RIGHT HAHA so I am sure it will get better or so everyone keeps telling me.  But all these beautiful photos on my Instagram of these gorgeous new babies and their parent’s fabulous lives.  Its LIES I tell you.  ALL LIES!!

Yes the babies are adorable and you want to document and remember everything but is it just me or do these people have far too much time on their hands.  I mean I don’t have time to shower let alone pose my newborn in an adorable position and put some dodgy card next to him stating how old he is or when he has done his first god damn poo. (okay so maybe they don’t say that but you get what I mean)

The only reason I am able to sit and write this is that we seriously got lucky tonight.  Toby my 22-month-old has been a nightmare to get to bed but tonight, mostly because he hasn’t napped and is totally shattered went straight to sleep.  Which is a total change from last night when we sat up for 3, yes 3 hours with him screaming?  Oh, and let’s not forget the sick too.  It’s a new thing.  He now makes himself sick so he doesn’t have to sleep. :/ I know right.  Surely we can’t be the only parents experiencing this?   But anyway my point is I had to make the decision to sleep or to write this tonight.  I also could have showered but well…

So I figure right now me and the hubby are winning as all three children are alive still so that’s a tick in my book.  I may look like I could do with a years holiday, my house has seen better days and my emails are definitely starting to stack up but even after the sick, lack of sleep and not being able to eat a hot meal for weeks, we are all smiling.  Well ok almost smiling.  Don’t get me wrong its lovely that these parents have time to post gorgeous pics but I am just here to tell all you expecting parents that it’s not all hearts and flowers.  If you have managed to get up, eat something not killed the baby and got dressed then in my opinion you are totally winning at life right now!!  If you are reading this as a new mum and have done all of the above then you are bloody awesome.  Just remember that.

And  I will just leave you with one of my daily mess-ups haha as I am about to post this we get a knock at the door.  It’s my lovely neighbor giving me my house keys. OH YES, I totally left them in the door so anyone can just walk in my house! Tomorrow is a new day right.

Meanwhile, my awesome husband has been busy baking Banana muffins for the school fair. yum!!!